Waiver / Ruleset

Click here for a copy of our waiver.

Please note that if you print out a copy to complete offsite EVERYTHING MUST BE LEGIBLE when the waiver is presented at SCA. If any part of the waiver is not able to be read easily by SCA staff, you will need to complete a new waiver and re-sign it onsite.  Minors will be denied entry if they bring an illegible waiver and their parent/guardian leaves without signing a legible one. This is non-negotiable.

Click here for a copy of our rule set.

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  1. Andy Stull

    I have an airsoft team of ten people and we’re wondering how we will be able to play as a team in the arena. Would we have to be split up to be able to play? And the others have to wait ’til the next game comes? Or could we be put together on one team?

    • If you check with the Field Manager (Andrew “Rosey” Rosenberger) on the day you play, I am sure he would accommodate your request to play with your team so long as the team skill level would be fairly balanced.

      In other words, if your team on one side unbalances the skill level of the open play session, Rosey may shift players accordingly, but yes, your whole team should be able to play together on any weekend public open-play session…

      Does this answer your question?

  2. Mike Hill

    Hey I went to click on the updates for the rules and the links redirect me to this page over and over, can you e-mail me the rules so I can look them over, couple buddies and mine are thinking about stopping by soon.

    • There is a .pdf link here that is our whole rule set. When you click that link the rules should pop up. That said, I will of course also email them to you now. Sorry it isn’t working for you as we intended!

      • I tried the links myself, and you are correct – they are not working! We will resolve that glitch as soon as possible! Thank you for pointing it out!

    • The links have been fixed! (Actually right after I said we’d do it!) Sorry about the earlier hangup!

  3. AsianPersuasian

    If I have a gun that fires a little to high do you guys have the ability to tone it down like some other fields.

    • Hi! If you are referring to turning the hop-up on more to fool the chronograph, then no – that is not allowed at our facility. When we chronograph replicas, we turn the hop-up all the way off, and use .20g BB’s (our own) to test how fast your replica shoots.

      If your replica is a little too ‘hot,’ then we have some suggestions… either you can perhaps purchase and use a Velocity Reducer from the pro shop (if your replica has barrel threads), or you could rent one of our AEG’s, or you could opt to have either your spring cut or changed out for a lower grade spring. The last option (cut or changed) would almost certainly require at least an overnight stay at an airsoft repair facility unless you know how to to work on your own replica.

      Our 350 fps limit is about safety for the players, and is a limit NOT a goal to reach. There is only one shot in our indoor arena that goes from one end of the arena to the other (~150 to 175 feet) and there is no need for replicas that shoot over 350 FPS when 97% of the time you will be shooting at someone no more than 50 feet away or less!

  4. John Clark

    I have a Elite Force m4a1. Do I still have to get my gun checked if know the fps rating? It has a version 2 gearbox in it. Can I still use it?

    • Hello John,

      Yes… everyone – every time they come in to play again – has to get their replica’s chronographed. Every time. And yes, you can use YOUR replica as long as it fits in our safety limit!

      • John Clark

        I heard that it can be a little bit over by 10fps. My buddy plays there all the time he ask the one official he said it was ok. Is that true?

        • John,

          That is not true. My buddy plays here all the time too, and he says your buddy may be lying, because that unnamed official knows better and it would get him fired. Our safety limit is 350 FPS with .20g BB’s with the hop-up off. Anyone caught letting people pass our safety rules will be dealt with appropriately.

  5. Austin

    I have a pistol tunning off of green gas shooting at 380 fps would I still be able to use it

  6. cameron wonder

    my mp5 says 350 as its fps do u think that would work?

    • Cameron,

      We trust only what our own chronograph says. But yes, if your MP5 is shooting 350 FPS or less with .20g BB’s and the hop-up off, that would work indeed!

  7. zach

    Would I be allowed to use sound grenades such as a thunder b if I were to roll them not throw them?

  8. Jack

    This a very stupid question but what if your gun goes 351 or 352 I’ve measured that on a chronograph would that be okay?

    • Not a stupid question at all, Jack.

      To keep our current insurance policy that protects all players at our arena, we have to insist on 350 FPS using .20g BB’s with the hop off using our chronograph. So, 351 or 352, or 355, or 360+… all not allowed.

      Does your replica have barrel threads? If so, have you considered a Velocity Reducer? This would allow you to use your replica in our arena without having to change anything about your replica for outdoor play!

      • Jack

        Thank you for the response :) I will consider the velocity reducer when I purchase my new gun. I meant to say ive seen this gun on a chrono and it went between 349-352 on the test I understand that the insurance policy must meet expectations so I will look into a different replica or the velocity reducer.

  9. Jared

    I know at some arenas they make you buy and use their ammo, is that the same at steel city airsoft?

    • Hi Jared!

      No, that is not the case at Steel City Airsoft. You are free to use whatever BB’s you want in your own replicas, and the only thing we do NOT want is people using .12g BB’s in our AEG rentals (because they destroy magazines and jam up replicas all the time).

  10. Jared

    Also ninja if I had a gun higher than 350 fps and the threads fit together. How much would the velocity reducer bring down the fps? Thanks again

    • Jared,

      That is hard to say because the Velocity Reducer has different settings and o-rings. Depending on which one you use, it changes the air pressure differential as the replica is fired using semi-automatic.

      As an example, I use the “white” o-ring on my Velocity reducer on my Tokyo Marui P90, which shoots 385 without hop using .20g BB’s. With the VR on, it shoots 338 FPS, which is under our limit and safe to use.

  11. Enrique

    Are automatic guns allowed to be used? Only semi-auto weapons are mentioned in the ruleset.

  12. cameron wonder

    Am i allowed to bring a goblin deuce. IF you don’t know it is a little and held grenade launcher.

  13. colin

    i live like 2 hours away from the field and was wondering if i could print out the waiver and have my parent sign it bc im only 17 and would be driving down myself.

    • Absolutely! Print out your waiver and have your parents sign it from home. Also include your parents contact information on the emergency contact section. Name and phone number!

  14. cameron wonder

    do you have to bring your gun in a bag?

  15. Adam

    Do you guys sell velocity reducers at the arena or does Amped Airsoft have them?

  16. Luke

    I cannot find barrel covers for my gun, so do you guys have any that I can borrow?

  17. justan

    Hey im thinking about getting kart p90 and i know its go over the 350 limit how are the vr for purchase

    • The Velocity Reducers that AMPed usually has in stock at our arena are $30 I believe, but you can call and ask them directly at 724-366-6590.

  18. justan

    how are velocity reducer and if you have a gun that shoots like 255 fps can you make it shoot higher fps.

  19. justan

    do you have anything at the place that will make the gun shoot higher fps if the fps like 269fps

  20. Solomon

    How much are velocity reducers being sold for at the arena?

  21. justan

    Is your place open on the week

  22. justan

    At the arena theres a tent do they sell guns and ris rail and tactical gear and other gear.

  23. justan

    Is your place open on weeks

    • Luke

      They are open on weekends and friday night. If you simply navigated to the top of the page and clicked “calender” you would know… *sigh*

  24. Luke

    Is it a full face mask, or can I use my helmet, full seal goggles, and a balaclava? If I can’t wear the balaclava is the iron mesh or the mesh thing or whatever acceptable?

  25. zach

    are tri shot shotguns allowed at this facility?

  26. Jared S

    I was wondering my gun is 425fps would there be any way to lower it to meet the 350 fps limit?

    Thank you,

  27. Chris

    do we have to wear any special type of clothing or can we come in like jeans and a T-shirt?

  28. Luke

    Are we allowed Riot Shields here? Maybe with a pistol or no gun? I was thinking about buying one but I am eventually going to go soon and wanted to know before I buy.

  29. what is the age limit cause my friends party will be there and i’ll be nine

  30. Andrew

    Are drum mags allowed on assault rifles, or only standard 30 rds?

  31. Tyler

    How much do you sell Velocity reducers for? and are .23G BBs allowed?

    • Amped sells reducers however they are out of stock currently. They do offer spring swaps at the amped main shop. .23s are allowed as long as your gun chronos under 350 with .2g bbs.

  32. Andrew

    Can full face masks with mesh eye coverings be used, I want to know before I spend $82 on an Evike custom.

  33. Tyler

    Do you have any idea when theyll be back?

  34. James

    Hey guys planning on heading up there tomorow wondering if you can run propane in gas guns on the field or duster gas. If not does your amped tent carry green gas cans?

  35. Edon

    Is there a rate of fire limit in this arena?

  36. Edon

    Also another question, can you use a 3 round burst or 2 round burst air soft gun?

  37. aj testa

    is a tri shot shotgun with 375 fps no hop up ok because thats the really only good gun i have to use

  38. Tye

    What days are you open because the calendar isn’t working on my phone

  39. cameron wonder

    Do you need a tournament lock for your slp air rig?

  40. Josh

    I’m planning on taking me and some of my friends up this weekend, it will be my first time and i’m just getting into airsoft. I don’t know some of the terms on the rules such as “barrel thread” and “hop up.” I have questions about my fps, the box doesn’t say how fast it is so what can i do to cut it down if it’s to fast (i would prefer not to rent a gun there.) If you could please help and respond before Sunday, February 9 i would very much appreciate it!

    • I do apologize for not getting back to you sooner, in terms of the hop up it must be completely off when chronographed, and the barrel thread we will look at when you arrive. You have 2 options, 1: having the spring cut at Amped Airsoft or 2: purchacing a velocity reducer for Amped Airsoft or a third party dealer. Unfortuntly we have no-way of lowering the FPS of the gun in-house at this time. We will do whatever we can to make sure you have a great day, and as i am the “tech” writing this portion our rental guns shoot as hard and as quick as a stock raider.

  41. aj testa

    airsoft revolvers ok

  42. aj testa

    can you use p90s

  43. Aj testa

    Can you cut the spring if my gun shoots over 350

  44. Aj testa

    Can you use 6mm bbs/.12 gram bbs

  45. Aj testa

    Could they do it there

  46. When u chronograph there gun there do you use your .20 bbs or do we use our bbs

  47. Sry when u chronograph your gun there do we use your .20 bbs or do we use our bbs

  48. Can I use a mesh mask that covers my whole face and neck?

  49. David

    what is the fps limit

  50. Myles

    Are we allowed to use riot shields? I made one out of plywood and would like to use it for some close quarters gameplay!

    • Depending on how it was made depends on if you can use it. The best option is to bring it down an have our refs look at it an let you know.

      • Myles

        Okay its made of 1/2 inch plywood with a 3/8″ thick pane of plexy glass for viewing. it also has a cut out for the mussle of the gun which i can use if allowed

  51. I man

    Hey I’m just starting airsoft and I am buying a shotgun can I use a tri shot shotgun with 20 gram bbs

  52. cam b.

    I did look over the typeset but i believe i missed it. Are a helmet goggles and a lower steel mesh mask allowed?

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