Waiver / Ruleset

Click here for a copy of our waiver.

Please note that if you print out a copy to complete offsite EVERYTHING MUST BE LEGIBLE when the waiver is presented at SCA. If any part of the waiver is not able to be read easily by SCA staff, you will need to complete a new waiver and re-sign it onsite.  Minors will be denied entry if they bring an illegible waiver and their parent/guardian leaves without signing a legible one. This is non-negotiable.

Click here for a copy of our rule set.

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  1. Jared

    Thanks for the help. Hopefully I’ll go there in the future

  2. Jared

    I know at some arenas they make you buy and use their ammo, is that the same at steel city airsoft?

  3. Jack

    This a very stupid question but what if your gun goes 351 or 352 I’ve measured that on a chronograph would that be okay?

    • Jack

      Thank you for the response :) I will consider the velocity reducer when I purchase my new gun. I meant to say ive seen this gun on a chrono and it went between 349-352 on the test I understand that the insurance policy must meet expectations so I will look into a different replica or the velocity reducer.

  4. zach

    Would I be allowed to use sound grenades such as a thunder b if I were to roll them not throw them?

  5. cameron wonder

    my mp5 says 350 as its fps do u think that would work?

  6. Austin

    I have a pistol tunning off of green gas shooting at 380 fps would I still be able to use it

  7. John Clark

    I have a Elite Force m4a1. Do I still have to get my gun checked if know the fps rating? It has a version 2 gearbox in it. Can I still use it?

    • John Clark

      I heard that it can be a little bit over by 10fps. My buddy plays there all the time he ask the one official he said it was ok. Is that true?

  8. AsianPersuasian

    If I have a gun that fires a little to high do you guys have the ability to tone it down like some other fields.

  9. Mike Hill

    Hey I went to click on the updates for the rules and the links redirect me to this page over and over, can you e-mail me the rules so I can look them over, couple buddies and mine are thinking about stopping by soon.

  10. Andy Stull

    I have an airsoft team of ten people and we’re wondering how we will be able to play as a team in the arena. Would we have to be split up to be able to play? And the others have to wait ’til the next game comes? Or could we be put together on one team?

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